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  • Uganda Safaris
    Uganda Tours

    Uganda is a wildlife lovers paradise with mountain gorillas, hippos, elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions,...

  • Tanzania Safari
    Tanzania Adventures Safari

    A Tanzania Safari is something special, whatever your age, budget, safari experience or interests.

  • Kenya safari
    Kenya Budget Tour

    Our Kenya Adventure safari offer you the best wildlife viewing experience. Choose from a range of safari camps.

  • Arusha car rental
    Tanzania Car Rental

    4WD Rent A Car, 44 Self Drive. Excellent car hire facilities with vehicles ranging from saloons to 4W.

  • Hotel and Lodges

    The safari hotels tend to be much larger, and less personal and intimate versions of lodges..

  • Tanzania Community

    One of our biggest challenges in Tanzania at the moment is the lack of safe and secure family...